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About Daniel

I was a technology entrepreneur and tech-investor, so we’re used to seeing gaps in a market. The gap I saw in early 2022 was there wasn’t a lot of quantified data and analytics on Bitcoin’s ESG position. So I set about creating some - initially for myself because as a climatetech investor I wanted to know whether it was good or bad for the environment before I committed to the asset class. The more I learnt, the more I realised Bitcoin was part of the ESG solution, not the problem.

I published what I found out on Twitter. Other people valued it. I got invited to podcasts and conferences, and things have taken their own form from there.


1. Lugano Plan B: Why Bitcoin is the World's Best ESG Asset

2. What Bitcoin Did: Making Bitcoin Carbon Negative with Daniel Batten

3. Anthony Pompliano: Make Millions Turning Trash Into Bitcoin


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